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    Local – TURBO has dispatchers standing by
for your immediate delivery. Just call us
and we’ll have the closest available driver
pick up your package, deliver it and get
proof of signature before the end of the
day. For even faster service and exclusive
handling, ask about TURBO's RUSH Delivery, guaranteed to be at its destination within 2 hours!!!

  Regional– TURBO can handle any Emergency letter, package or shipment and have delivered to it’s destination anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic Region… SAMEDAYGUARANTEED!

Strategically positoned to serve the entire Mid-Atlantic Region.

For TURBO'S SAME DAY Regional Service, please call


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  Turbo Courier Systems, Inc.
417 Champion Avenue
West Collingswood, NJ 08107
Toll Free: 1-800-887-TURBO (8872)    Phone: 856-957-4001    Fax: 856-957-4010